Local Maldon Development

A new development would be a great help to the local business community of Maldon,
Essex with several multinational companies having shown an interest in moving
into a planned New Maldon retail park will it ever get the go ahead. After the
pervious plans were submitted and rejected by Maldon District Council for a new
10,000 square metre development on the Blackwater Trading Estate.

According to Aquila the property development company, several nationwide chain stores
such as B&Q, Homebase and Halfords have all shown an interest as well as hotel chain Travelodge. A planning application for a new £20 million retail park to include a major store, restaurant and hotel was rejected even though it would have generated up to 160 permanent jobs, Aquila plans also included to build a new access route on the nearby roundabout which serves The Causeway and the A414, one of the main gateways into the town and just off the Fullbridge where HirePlus are based.

As a local plant hire business, I have mixed views but I can’t help feeling deep down that anything attracting significantly more visitors to Maldon would benefit the town hugely, I hear weekly from visitors that they love the independent shops in the High Street, Maldon, so I can’t see how a Retail Park would change this.

Let us know your thoughts Yes or No to New Retail Park in Maldon.

Until the next time Roger.


About hireplus

Manager Hire Plus Limited.
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